Doctors advise Morrissey to retire from touring

Among his health concerns, the singer maintains that record labels won't sign him because he's too old

By Prachi Gupta

Published March 22, 2013 3:17PM (EDT)

Doctors are cautioning singer Morrissey to stop touring -- permanently. The news comes a week after the singer canceled his U.S. tour, citing increasing health concerns, "including a bleeding ulcer, Barrett's esophagus and double pneumonia," according to a press release.

From the Guardian:

"Morrissey had become anemic owing to his serious loss of blood, with a compromised immune system. 'The slightest gust of wind and I would have a terrible cold,' he recalled. Finally, arriving at Mexico's Vive Latino festival, 'the doctors … said 'No no no no, you cannot.' Not only was Morrissey still in poor health, he had apparently "soaked up all the insurance". 'I've had so much medical attention … [that] we couldn't actually continue any more, because we weren't insured to continue.'"

The former Smiths frontman said he has been 'cautioned' to stop touring. 'But it's difficult for me because, it's very engrained within me," he said. 'I know it's the best of life … when you tour and when you make music and when you sing … There is nothing better. Can you think of anything?' He still hopes to resume his live shows.' "

Morrissey believe his age is halting the production of what could be "three studio albums." "I have a lot of songs," he told the Guardian. "We could record three studio albums immediately, very easily. But none of the majors are interested.

"[Major record labels] are only interested in very young people who will fly by and ask for nothing in return," he said.

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