"Spring Breakers'" Harmony Korine hosts a bizarre Reddit AMA

Fans hoping to learn something about the film would be disappointed. Everyone else, however, was amused.

Published March 22, 2013 10:17PM (EDT)

Scene still from "Spring Breakers"
Scene still from "Spring Breakers"

This image pretty much sums up "Spring Breakers" director Harmony Korine's very bizarre and not-at-all informative Reddit AMA, a platform that celebrities and industry notables generally use to promote their work and field questions from fans. Korine's AMA about the movie that has been described as "perverted ridiculousness" and "'Scarface' meets Britney Spears" was riddled with typos and entirely nonsensical phrases -- even more so than Snoop Lion's, which says something.

Some of the highlights, below:

mfslgoop: What is the point you are getting across in this film? What will society gain from this?

HarmonyKorine: yes it will thrive because of this

DmitryTL: Who was Gucci Mane's sex scene with?

HarmonyKorine: it was a sex scene with gucci

fakefurgrass: What was the most insane thing Gucci said to you while on set?

HarmonyKorine: my wrists sparkle like lemmmons

wpoznan22: Is Harmony short for Harmonica?

HarmonyKorine: Yourmommica

GoddamnGoats: What has changed about the film/cinema industry since you got started? Do you think America even has an audience for cinema anymore? Do you know that your name is really fun to say?

HarmonyKorine: cinema has changed. cinema is now a 30 second youtube clip. clear your mind. think of different now. make it bend to you. never use a walking stick, it looks doper to limp. catch my drift?

As of 6 p.m., the most upvoted comments on the Reddit thread are not those from Korine. Instead, they are from confused fans:

icantdrivebut: I read this and was like "What are you even talking about." Then I started reading the AMA. You could not be more spot on [referring to this]. What the fuck is happening here?

BrittanyXO: I've been scrolling through the comments and I'm completely lost as to what is going on in this thread.

Eagles1000: I have a feeling Justin beiber fans are here downvoting every comment as they hate Selena Gomez, who is starring in this movie. That or it's just annoying trolls

Well, regardless of whether the AMA was a publicity stunt or not, it definitely got our attention.

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