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Five line verse about the news

Published March 24, 2013 2:59PM (EDT)

Savvy Salon readers dissect the Ryan budget, Rob Portman’s reversal and more:
In a Salon piece I read by Sirota,

Ryan's budget exceeds every quota,

Of upper class' perks,

As the rich get the works.

It kicks the middle-class right in the scrota.

Mike Moulton

Gainesville, Fla.
Rob Portman, you demonstrate well,

The ethic conservatives sell:

When it’s my child in need,

Time to challenge the creed;

When it’s yours, damn those sinners to hell.


Johanna Richmond

Red Hook, N.Y.
Now we've all heard Reince Priebus's case,

That the GOP needs a new face.

But Palin just snorted,

And Limbaugh retorted,

"That's crap - we should play to the base."

Richard B Weinberg

Winston Salem, N.C.
I saw Donald Trump on TV,

At CPAC, at quarter past three.

He never did balk,

And the theme of his talk,

Was “Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me!”

Raymond Cavender

Newnan, Ga.


Will abandoning the weapons ban help gun safety?
The size of the pistol one packs,

Relates, if you must know the facts,

To being devoid,

To quote my friend Freud,

Of that which belongs in one’s slacks.

Nancy Cahill

Woodbridge, Va.


Send entries to along with your name and hometown. The deadline is Friday at noon eastern and we’ll publish our favorites on Sunday. Poems may be edited for clarity or scansion. Good luck!

By Alex Halperin

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