Why did LL Cool J participate in that "Accidental Racist" song?

And why did the rapper compare his gold chains to the iron chains of slavery?

Published April 8, 2013 9:49PM (EDT)

The Internet is flabbergasted by the jarring, awful Brad Paisley and LL Cool J collaboration, "Accidental Racist." After getting past the fact that such a song even exists in 2013, the Internet's collective psyche is beginning to grapple with the many, many questions prompted by the video (Who thought this song was a good idea? How is accidental racism different from non-accidental racism (it isn't)? Why does LL Cool J address Paisley as "Mr. White Man" and not by his name? And ... just, like, what?), another question that everyone is asking is: Why is LL Cool J even a part of this song?

Here are some theories:

LL Cool J is just trying to thank Abraham Lincoln:
[embedtweet id="321306264661524481"]

Maybe Cool J and Brad Paisley are lovers?:
[embedtweet id="321371054096400384"]

Cool James is gearing up for a comeback:
[embedtweet id="321368961692336129"]

That's not LL! That's Weird Al:
[embedtweet id="321368470342209537"]

Or maybe it is just tragic and now we can all look forward to this:
[embedtweet id="321367995807055873"]

and maybe this:

[embedtweet id="321372600053936128"]

By Prachi Gupta

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