Texas AG: Democrats more dangerous than North Korea

"The Obama administration and his political machine" is "more dangerous" than North Korea, Greg Abbott said

Published April 16, 2013 9:19PM (EDT)

Greg Abbott, the Republican Attorney General of Texas, thinks that his state has bigger things to worry about than North Korea. Namely, President Obama.

Abbott was referring to reports that North Korea had included Austin, Texas on its list of potential targets in the United States. But, Abbott told the Waco Tribune-Herald, the state has more “far more dangerous” problems, in the form of the federal government.

“One thing that requires ongoing vigilance is the reality that the state of Texas is coming under a new 
assault, an assault far more dangerous than what the leader of North Korea threatened when he said he was going to add Austin, Texas, as one of the recipients of his nuclear weapons,” Abbott said. “The threat that we’re getting is the threat from the Obama administration and his political machine.”


By Jillian Rayfield

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