Manchin: Background checks deal won't pass

The Senate is set to vote on nine amendments related to its gun legislation on Wednesday

Published April 17, 2013 1:02PM (EDT)

Sen. Joe Manchin told reporters that his deal with Pat Toomey on background checks will not pass when it is called up for a vote in the Senate on Wednesday.

"We will not get the votes today," Manchin, D-W. Va., told NBC News' Kelly O'Donnell, though added that they would try again.

From NBC News:

Potential supporters, Republican Sens. Jeff Flake, of Arizona, and Florida’s Marco Rubio, could not risk a stand on background checks in the face of opposition from their conservative base because they are already leading on immigration, Manchin said.

Sources also told NBC News that the effort’s proponents are 4 to 5 votes short, a gulf that could widen if Democrats in conservative states decide not to support the measure.

The Senate is set to hold nine total votes on gun control measures on Wednesday, including Manchin and Toomey's proposal, an assault weapons ban and a ban on high-capacity magazines, all of which are expected to fail.

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