Telegraph op-ed: Obama "lulled America into false confidence" on terrorism

"The attacks on Boston have brought uncertainty back to American streets," writes Peter Foster

Published April 20, 2013 5:08PM (EDT)

Peter Foster, the U.S. Editor for the British newspaper the Telegraph, argued on Friday that President Obama chose to "downplay" the threat of terrorism to the American public, but "The Boston bombings would appear to present a fundamental challenge to that assessment and once again bring the nagging uncertainty of terrorism back on to the American main street."

In a piece called "Boston bombs: Obama lulled America into false confidence over terror threat," Foster argues that the attacks "bring home the complexity of the global Islamist threat and the fact that it cannot be confined to wars in distant lands, or fought at arm's length using drones, as the Obama administration has quietly yet insistently led America to believe."

He continued: "Mr Obama and his intelligence community know the threat from al-Qaeda affiliates, but have chosen to downplay it to the US public," and that the confidence "of the American public – is likely to be badly shaken by what is emerging from Boston."

Read the op-ed here.

By Jillian Rayfield

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