Bill Clinton jokes about Bush's "bathroom sketches"

Clinton said he thought about asking for a portrait, but "at my age I think I should keep my suit"

By Jillian Rayfield

Published April 25, 2013 4:49PM (EDT)

During his speech at the dedication of the George W. Bush presidential library in Dallas, Bill Clinton joked about Bush's dog and landscape paintings -- as well as those nude paintings of Bush himself in the shower.

"I probably shouldn't say this, but I'm going to anyway," he said. "Your mother showed me some of your landscapes and animal paintings and I thought they were great. Really great. And I seriously considered calling you and asking you to do a portrait of me until I saw the results of your sister's hacked e-mails. Those bathroom sketches were wonderful, but at my age I think I should keep my suit."


Jillian Rayfield

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