Poll: Most wanted background checks to pass the Senate

65 percent said the Senate should have passed the measure

Published April 29, 2013 1:18PM (EDT)

In another poll showing broad public support for expanding gun background checks, Gallup found that 65 percent of Americans say that the Senate should have passed the measure, while 29 percent agree with the decision to block it.

From Gallup:

Prior to the Senate's failure to pass the measure, numerous polls showed that roughly nine in 10 Americans favor expanded gun background checks in concept -- a fact that a number of journalists, columnists, and politicians made note of. Gallup's Jan. 19-20 survey, for example, showed that 91% of Americans said they personally would vote for a measure requiring criminal background checks for all gun sales. Gallup asked this question again in the April 22-25 survey and found a slight decline, to 83% support. The wording of the new question was slightly modified from the January asking, which may be responsible for some of the change. But it also may be that the Senate's failure to pass the measure deflated Americans' support for it.

By Jillian Rayfield

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