"Ball ironing": Hot new trend in "scrotum rejuvenation"

A wisecrack uttered by George Clooney has inspired the latest below-the-belt grooming craze

Published June 11, 2013 5:10PM (EDT)

What do you get for the man who has everything? A box of authentic Cuban cigars, perhaps? A bottle of fine aged whiskey? Or how about the gift of eternal youth, in the form of a non-surgical scrotum rejuvenation procedure?

Reportedly inspired by a joke George Clooney made during an interview -- "I got [my balls] unwrinkled. It's the newest thing in Hollywood, ball ironing," he cracked to an Esquire reporter last January -- a Santa Monica spa has started offering a service known as "tackle-tightening." The 45-minute procedure uses lasers to correct discoloration and remove hair and wrinkles on the scrotum, making your balls look as shiny and new as a pair of Christmas ornaments.

Officially known as the "Male Laser Lift," the $575 procedure was dreamed up by Beauty Park Medical Spa founder Nurse Jamie. She tells the Daily Mail that since she started offering the service last year, the number of males in her clientele has increased from 15 to 40 percent.

'They thought the Brazilian bikini wax was crazy ten years ago and now it’s just part of the process," she says, adding that the service is most frequently requested during awards season. "The tide is turning - don't knock it until you try it."

So if you're a man of a certain age with a disposable income, and you're looking to add a little spring to your stepchildren, head on down to Santa Monica! But maybe hold onto that return ticket: Results only last up to four weeks, so Nurse Jamie recommends patients come in for at least six sessions.

By Ej Dickson

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