Taylor Swift gets a feminist remix in this week's funniest new Twitter

The not-quite-enlightened country star gets a makeover as an equal-rights crusader in "Feminist Taylor Swift"

By Daniel D'Addario

Published June 14, 2013 6:33PM (EDT)

Taylor Swift is among the many, many successful female celebrities who says she's not exactly a feminist: "I don’t really think about things as guys versus girls. I never have," she's said.

It's hard to brook the idea of a superstar on top of the music industry -- not to mention one with legions of young girl fans and one who's risen to fame by reclaiming the narrative of her break-ups with unworthy men -- disavowing feminism. So the creators of @feministswift mashed up Swift's lovelorn lyrics with the ideas underpinning modern feminist theory and practice.

The feed's existed but two days and has already flooded our feed with rephrasings of some of Swift's music that are a bit more in line with feminist best practices. Below, some of our favorites:

A rephrasing of the old-school romantic ideals of "Love Story":

[embedtweet id="345019598363578369"]

And another, which takes away Swift's fantasy of a guy getting consent from her dad to wed her:

[embedtweet id="344911383588114432"]

"We Are Never Getting Back Together" goes from Jake Gyllenhaal kiss-off (reportedly!) to Judith Butler tribute:

[embedtweet id="345370420771442688"]

A take on "22" originally by Twitter user @riotprl:

[embedtweet id="345379985567133699"]

Swift's habits of tearing down other girls in song gets gently elided:

[embedtweet id="345339195134443522"]

[embedtweet id="345324261185036288"]

Maybe Taylor Swift will come around!

[embedtweet id="345536751802146818"]

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