IRS officials reportedly threatened

The top officials at the center of the targeting controversy have reported physical threats

Published June 16, 2013 2:12PM (EDT)

Former acting IRS commissioner Steven Miller and head of the tax-exempt unit Lois Lerner have reportedly received physical threats, amid the controversy over the agency's targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status.

Reuters, citing anonymous sources, reports:

Ousted IRS acting commissioner, Steven Miller, has received such threats, according to a source familiar with his situation. The source declined to elaborate on the nature or the source of the threats.

And the head of the tax-exempt unit at the agency, Lois Lerner, who has been put on administrative leave as investigations into the controversy continue, has had telephone and email messages from unknown sources that "threaten physical violence," according to her attorney William Taylor.


By Jillian Rayfield

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