Miss Utah gives wonderfully succinct answer to question about women and work

Marissa Powell was nervous at Sunday's Miss USA pageant, which is why she flubbed her response, she says

Published June 18, 2013 4:48PM (EDT)

  (The Today Show)
(The Today Show)

Marissa Powell appeared on the "Today" show Monday to address her less-than-inspiring response to a question at the Miss USA pageant about the gender wage gap, telling Matt Lauer that she was "so nervous" and began to speak without processing the question, which she found a little confusing.

But on Tuesday, Powell had a much more coherent take on why women should be paid equal wages for equal work: "This is not OK. It needs to be equal pay for equal work; and it's hard enough already to earn a living, and it shouldn't be harder just because you're a woman."

Succinct and totally true. Internet redemption is a fine thing, indeed.

You can watch the full segment here (if you're interested in seeing Lauer act kind of lecherous toward Miss USA winner Erin Brady and pretty condescending to Powell):

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By Katie McDonough

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