Paula Deen's racism goes viral with #PaulasBestDishes

Perhaps the celebrity chef, who reportedly uses the N-word liberally, would like to chill some "Lynchin' Lemonade"

Published June 19, 2013 5:26PM (EDT)

    (Bristol Motor Speedway & Dragway/Flickr)
(Bristol Motor Speedway & Dragway/Flickr)

In case you didn't know, Paula Deen is a racist. In the 1950s 2013, when America is still plagued by Confederate flag-bandying, accidental racists and segregating prom-goers, Twitter user Pope Jeffuhz I and editor and humorist Tracy Clayton, aka BrokeyMcPoverty, responded by laughing at Deen's reported racism. They started a hashtag riffing off of Deen's TV show, "Paula's Best Dishes":

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Here are some of the best:

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[embedtweet id="347394304643313664"]

[embedtweet id="347392688942878720"]

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