Paula Deen to address racism comments in video

Meanwhile, Twitter anticipates how racist her apology -- if that's what it is -- will be

By Prachi Gupta

Published June 21, 2013 4:42PM (EDT)

While Americans continue to mock and excoriate celebrity chef Paula Deen for admitting that "Yeah, of course" she uses the racial epithets and holds a certain nostalgic fondness for slavery, the celebrity chef remained conspicuously silent on the matter -- until now.

Through a rep, she issued a meek, problematic apology to TMZ (Deen was "speaking largely about a time in American history which was quite different than today") on Thursday, but was a no-show for her first real opportunity to address the controversy -- a "Today" show interview scheduled with Matt Lauer this morning.

Now, in what feels like she's gearing up for a publicity stunt rather than a sincere apology, Deen has announced the release of her own video. Knowing she's got a captive audience, Deen even teased the audience with a photo:

[embedtweet id="348116677734576129"]

The hope of a sincere apology seems to diminish by the second, and the joke has shifted from Deen's overt racism to what latent racism Deen's non-apology apology will hold:

[embedtweet id="348109208408965120"]

[embedtweet id="348114143385100288"]

[embedtweet id="348113694821072896"]

[embedtweet id="348113881685704704"]

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[embedtweet id="348108944557879296"]

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