The seven best Hulk accounts on Twitter

There are at least 150 accounts, but these are the ones worth following

Published June 21, 2013 3:39PM (EDT)

If you're on Twitter, you've probably come across at least one Hulk parody account. If you're not, they are what they sound like -- accounts that tweet in Hulk-speak (think "Hulk smash!"). Some, like Drunk Hulk, have been among the Internet's most celebrated parody accounts for a while. Others, like Film Critic Hulk and Editor Hulk, have been guest writers at the New Yorker and done Q&A's, respectively.

The Hulk theme, an easily mimicked formula of capital letters and neanderthal-type speak, has led to an explosion of accounts parodying the Marvel comic icon (I counted around 150, and last year The Daily Dot reported that there are hundreds), and, like almost all parody accounts, most of them are not very good. In an effort to separate the genuinely amusing from the imitators, we present the top seven Hulk accounts actually worth following:

Drunk Hulk

[embedtweet id="309401081803321346"]

[embedtweet id="267271637353775104"]


Jaded Punk Hulk

[embedtweet id="299370503112626176"]

[embedtweet id="250604391491584001"]

[embedtweet id="285243255778586624"]


Feminist Hulk

[embedtweet id="343721280463314944"]

[embedtweet id="314134202717192192"]

[embedtweet id="261163548489678848"]


Film Crit Hulk

[embedtweet id="263378384099348480"]

[embedtweet id="289378523574046720"]

[embedtweet id="324944627885039618"]


Economist Hulk

[embedtweet id="322293275153289216"]

[embedtweet id="316693499678445568"]

[embedtweet id="330650829763796992"]


Real Hulk

[embedtweet id="23235251836817409"]

[embedtweet id="17954857400"]

[embedtweet id="278516547587280897"]


Editor Hulk

[embedtweet id="20196849311"]

[embedtweet id="26705756603"]

[embedtweet id="157164558673383426"]


Newfie Hulk

[embedtweet id="273119921255366656"]

[embedtweet id="304557177920684033"]

[embedtweet id="211078270253408256"]

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