Erick Erickson, Internet comedian, jokes about reproductive rights

He'll be here all week, folks

By Katie McDonough
Published July 1, 2013 7:43PM (EDT)

I know it's hard to believe, what with all of his talk about female breadwinners being "anti-science" and his fixation on the "panties" of "emo lefties,"  but Erick Erickson is not a professional Internet comedian. He is a conservative pundit who gets paid money to share his ideas (about emo panties) on television and radio.

On Monday, Erickson posted a photo from the reproductive rights rally happening outside the Texas Capitol in advance of the legislature's special session, and asked if what he was seeing was "Salon's editorial board."

While we're flattered by the comparison, many of Erickson's Twitter followers were quick to point out his mistake.

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