7 celebs we hope never quit Twitter

Twitter brings out the worst in some celebrities, like Alec Baldwin. But for others, social media creates comedy

Published July 3, 2013 10:35PM (EDT)

Twitter: Some celebs get it, others don't. After he had an ugly, homophobic meltdown on Twitter and shut down his account, Alec Baldwin told Vanity Fair that he will "never" activate his account again.

Baldwin, like so many celebrities do, seemed to struggle with the freedom of a social media tool that, in 140 character-bursts, enables glib speech. But where Baldwin failed, some celebrities excel, creating not just a new form of entertainment, and some might argue, art.

Portmanteau/word king Bruno Mars:

[embedtweet id="349853611024588801"]

[embedtweet id="325658820145717249"]

[embedtweet id="346395999360675840"]

Your (really inappropriate) dad, 50 Cent:

[embedtweet id="351335616270700544"]

[embedtweet id="351195281888526337"]

[embedtweet id="350870461002956800"]

Loser aficionado Donald Trump:

[embedtweet id="236158329372680193"]

[embedtweet id="235806450952323072"]

[embedtweet id="225949765324636160"]

Football player Kevin Smith and whomever he is subtweeting:

[embedtweet id="259752356026138624"]

[embedtweet id="259765377934974978"]

[embedtweet id="267418855981338624"]

Martha Stewart -- because when she isn't tweeting about her Sirius show, she is tweeting about her Sirius show:

[embedtweet id="349934878189563905"]

[embedtweet id="349931102888144897"]

[embedtweet id="349928144066719748"]

Also, oil:

[embedtweet id="326365867111772160"]

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa):

[embedtweet id="350655453300129794"]

[embedtweet id="350666522076790785"]

[embedtweet id="351333685951340545"]

Danny DeVito, professional wordsmith:

[embedtweet id="336711332114075648"]

[embedtweet id="336714616870690816"]

[embedtweet id="315131743768309760"]

By Prachi Gupta

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