D.C. shocker: Chris Matthews and Matt Lauer think David Gregory would "rub out" colleagues to advance career!

The Washington Post has the juicy secrets from the Mark Leibovich book. They're just not that juicy

By David Daley
Published July 4, 2013 3:33PM (EDT)
  (AP/William B. Plowman)
(AP/William B. Plowman)

The Washington Post makes us scroll to the end of the third page of its review of Mark Leibovich's "This Town," a book anxiously awaited by the D.C. Politico class for its sexy scoopy secrets about which pundit really hates which other pundit, and about how self-important some people are.

You know it's both important and mean because it's a book which doesn't have an index! We are so sorry, every summer intern in Washington, who will have to read this with a highlighter looking for your boss' boss' name.

So to save you from having to read the book, and also the review, here's all you need to know from the Post.

Boldfacing ours!

"In “This Town,” we’re told that Chris Matthews and Matt Lauer have joked that David Gregory would rub out a few colleagues to advance his career. That Bill and Hillary Clinton are convinced that Tim Russert disliked them, and that they’re not wrong. That Harry Reid has “observed privately to colleagues” that John Kerry has no friends. That West Wing types suspected Valerie Jarrett had “earpiece envy” after David Axelrod got Secret Service protection, and so arranged the same for herself. And that when a national security official suggested that Obama shouldn’t skip the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner on the weekend of the Osama bin Laden raid because the media might get suspicious, Hillary Clinton looked up and issued her verdict: “[Expletive] the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.”"

You're welcome.

David Daley

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