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America reacts to the Trayvon Martin verdict: 17 striking protest images

A roundup of images from a night of grief, outrage and solidarity

Katie McDonough
July 15, 2013 5:28PM (UTC)

Thousands of people around the country took to the streets Sunday night to express disbelief, grief and outrage following George Zimmerman's aquittal in the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

A snapshot of the country's anger, sadness and solidarity in the wake of the verdict:


New York City

[embedtweet id="356615516238000129"]

[embedtweet id="356585594559819776"]

[embedtweet id="356647752870014976"]

Los Angeles

[embedtweet id="356601707439980545"]

[embedtweet id="356619648814440448"]

[embedtweet id="356594323892084736"]

Washington, DC


[embedtweet id="356274879760314370"]

[embedtweet id="356572309160607745"]


[embedtweet id="356556633570168832"]

[embedtweet id="356730205286588416/photo/1"]


[embedtweet id="356592557003792384"]

[embedtweet id="356585582333403138"]

Las Vegas

[embedtweet id="356623578793385985"]


San Francisco

[embedtweet id="356559152333590529"]


[embedtweet id="356564659689631744"]


[embedtweet id="356572547942326273"]



Katie McDonough

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