House GOPer on Zimmerman verdict: "Get over it"

Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland argued that people are too "hung up on this one case"

By Jillian Rayfield
Published July 16, 2013 8:09PM (EDT)

Rep. Andy Harris, a Republican from Maryland, argued Tuesday that with so many other problems going on in the world, people angry about the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial should just accept the jury's decision and "get over it."

“We missed the forest for the trees to a large extent, with all the huge issues going on in the world, with unrest in the Middle East, we’re hung up on this one case where this one fellow was in fact found not guilty by a jury,” Harris said on WMAL’s “Mornings on the Mall."  "That’s the way the American law system works, get over it.”

Since Zimmerman was found not guilty of second-degree murder in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, protests have sprung up across the country. The Department of Justice has even said that it is reviewing the case to possibly bring federal charges against Zimmerman. This, Harris said, "would be purely political. We would have to look at ways to rein in the Justice Department," if it were to happen.

Here's the audio, via the Washington Post:

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