Florida conservatives push to recall Rubio

But they first have to get legislation passed that would allow Florida to oust senators

Published July 17, 2013 1:15PM (EDT)

A group of conservatives in Florida say that they are moving to recall Sen. Marco Rubio, a Republican and once a darling of the Tea Party. But the effort faces one particularly big obstacle, namely that Florida laws do not allow voters to recall senators.

KrisAnne Hall, a conservative radio host, told National Review Online that there is a group of activists drafting legislation that would allow recall elections for senators.

From NRO's Betsy Woodruff:

Hall tells me that the tea-party voters who put Rubio in office are frustrated with his career thus far, especially his support for the Gang of Eight’s immigration legislation.

“They’re done with him,” she says of Florida’s tea-party activists. “They’re not voting for him and they’re angry. They’re angry because they feel they’ve been deceived.”


By Jillian Rayfield

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