Justin Bieber stars in SNL's "greatest train wreck ever"

Watch in horror as Biebs is almost felled by a stage prop while Bill Hader wails on a four-neck guitar

By Katie McDonough
Published July 19, 2013 2:09PM (EDT)

If your audience is packed with preteen Beliebers, it may not be the best opportunity to test run a totally absurdist sketch on "Saturday Night Live." But that's exactly what writers Bill Hader, Rob Klein and John Solomon did when Bill-Clinton-hatingmop-bucket-peeing pop star Justin Bieber hosted back in February.

The audience response was predictably dismal, and the sketch was cut during dress rehearsal.

But because the Internet is magic and sometimes gives us wonderful magic gifts, the sketch ("the greatest train wreck ever," per the writers)  has now surfaced online, where we can all love and appreciate Hader and his "Song for Daddy" as intended.

Bonus: Biebs in an Egyptian headdress and Hulk hands.

Double bonus: Bobby Moynihan playing a "Dr. Seuss horn."

Triple bonus: Fred Armisen pouring milk into a drum kit.

Katie McDonough

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