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The NSA, Stop-and-Frisk and Egypt occupy the talking heads

By Natasha Lennard
Published August 18, 2013 4:23PM (EDT)

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly appeared on both ABC's "This Week" and NBC's "Meet the Press" to continue his defense of stop-and-frisk, following the landmark federal ruling that the NYPD tactic was unconstitutional and racially discriminatory.

Kelly maintained that the practice was valid, as violence primarily takes place in "minority neighborhoods"(this, despite the fact that of 5 million stops in New York in recent years, 86 percent led to no arrest, let alone conviction.)

NAACP President Ben Jealous responded to Kelly's comments, noting that it should "send chills down the spine of everyone in this country" if a police force must habitually violate the constitution to make us safer. Trayvon Martin's parents appeared and back up Jealous' comments:

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Richard Engel of NBC reported to "Meet the Press" from Cairo, while Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte told David Gregory, "I do not see how we can continue aid to Egypt."

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As noted here earlier, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., told "Fox News Sunday" that the NSA's surveillance programs were "unconstitutional" and could be beyond improvement by congressional oversight. Ever-hawkish GOP Rep. Peter King, R-NY, lashed back at Paul on the same show. “That was just a grab bag of misinformation and distortion,” King said, in defense of the dragnets:

RNC Chair Reince Priebus defended his party's decision to boycott both CNN and NBC from hosting 2016 GOP primary debates. Earlier this week former Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom criticized the decision on Twitter, commenting, "Attacking the media is a loser's game."

Priebus hit back at on "This Week" Fehrnstrom by mocking him with a 2012 election throw back.

"Well, I don't know if his Etch A Sketch is on tilt. ... I'm not really taking advice from Eric Fehrnstrom right now," Priebus said.

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