The Onion thinks incest, statutory rape is hilarious

The humor site completely missed the mark with a story about an adolescent girl "sexually exploring" her stepfather

Published August 20, 2013 10:23PM (EDT)

Fans of the Onion know that its tongue-in-cheek news and culture satire usually provide comical respite from the frenzy of media items filling your feed. Not today. Today, even the most vehement devotees are likely to be turned off by the sheer stupidity and lack of thought that went into a piece about an underage girl "sexually exploring" her stepfather's body.

The piece begins, "While it may seem as though she was a little girl only yesterday, local 13-year-old Heather Perrington is now reaching that age where she is likely to begin exploring her stepfather Craig Dunbar’s body," and continues:

“It will probably take time for Heather to figure out what does and doesn’t feel good to her stepfather, and she may be surprised to discover acne and hair in unexpected places on Craig’s body. But it’s all part of growing up, and she should know that she is taking a very important step in life. It won’t be long before her childhood is gone forever.”

It's difficult to see how staff thought this one would remotely funny. Could the parody lie in a terribly off-toned commentary about the shameful "victim blaming" that we so often hear from commentators when rape cases are brought to light? We sure hope so.

By Liz Fields

Liz Fields is an Australian freelance journalist based in New York who has previously scribbled for Slate, ABC News, Sydney Morning Herald and more. Follow her on Twitter @lianzifields

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