The Las Vegas sign is going solar

Fake trees with solar panels will power the iconic welcome sign

By Lindsay Abrams
September 5, 2013 8:18PM (UTC)
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Since 1959, the sign posted on Las Vegas Boulevard has been welcoming visitors to the fabulous city. And from 2014 onward, that message is going to be generated by solar power.

On Tuesday, Clark County commissioners approved a plan to install three 25-foot-tall fake trees, equipped with solar panels, near the sign. Work begins soon and is expected to be completed by New Year's.


"By lighting up this sign every night with the power of the solar energy, we are providing a great example of just what solar can do and why it’s worth support," said Lydia Ball, the executive director of one of the organizations behind the project, in a statement.

Initially, the commissioners voiced concerns that the fake trees would ruin tourists' photographs. The approval came after the organizers figured out a way to "plant" them in such a way that will keep them out of the frame. This way, they're helping to preserve both the planet and people's Vegas memories.

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