Fox News: The EPA wants kids to stop exhaling

That's what they mean by "the dangers of carbon dioxide," right?

By Lindsay Abrams
September 14, 2013 1:56AM (UTC)
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(Screenshot, Fox News)

"The EPA -- the EPA -- is now offering free lesson plans for teachers looking to educate their students on climate change." That's the EPA doing this, in case you didn't catch it. And, reports Stuart Varney, they're aiming this "propaganda" directly at innocent middle school children.

These plans have been openly available online for months, but Fox contributor Monica Crowley prefers to speculate about their hidden agenda: "Are they going to tell these kids to not exhale? Because every time you exhale, that's carbon dioxide."


The idea that the EPA wants to suffocate children is almost to both correcting, although Media Matters as always, is up to the task. Check out their detailed response to Crowley if you need a primer on the difference between breathing and greenhouse gas emissions; otherwise, you can skip right to the infuriating clip:

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