Top 10 complaints to the FCC about Miley Cyrus' VMA performance

The American viewing public did not like watching Cyrus "put her face in a fake butt,” among other things

By Katie McDonough
September 13, 2013 11:19PM (UTC)
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Because we will never be done talking about Miley Cyrus' performance at this year's Video Music Awards, the Smoking Gun just released the complaints submitted to the Federal Communications Commission about Cyrus' foam finger antics.

They are all unique little snowflakes of American viewer outrage, and I have compiled the ten best of them for your reading pleasure.


Enjoy (spelling and grammar errors are part of the original text):

Miley licked the butt of a stuffed animal "in a sexual manner" 

The Miley Cyrus performance was very pornographic and should not have been on TV. She made multiple very indecent sexual poses and gestures, from grabbing her crouch, using a foam finger like a dildo, and licking the butt of a stuff bear in a sexual manner.

Miley touched the genitals of an older man "while performing music" 

Miley Cyrus touched her genitals and touched the genitals of an older man while performing music. She exposed her tongue numerous while grinding her exposed buttocks on the front of the pants of the male performer in a simulated sex scene while performing.

Miley flicked her tongue "as deamons do"

[Miley] has shown what she is acting like a devil flicking that tongue as deamons do. Being a Christian Im taking a stand as these people push vulgarity and teaching women to act like trash is not going to stand for a woman being a lady would never conduct herself like that.

Miley groped a woman's posterior "without hesitation"  


Miley Cyrus (an actress/recording artist) twerked (danced a provocative booty dance) up against Robin Thicke's (a recording artist/actor) genitalia. Also, she groped a woman's posterior -- without hesitation. In addition, she made very sexually suggestive gestures, using a giant foam-like "fanatics finger" as if it was a phallus. She also used that object to rub Robin Thicke's genitals.

Miley giggled while wearing a "bikini costume" 

Miley Cyrus' performance was inappropriate as follows: foam hand used as a phallic symbol which was bit on and rubbed all around her genital area, her bikini costume which was riding up her buttocks an leaving much of her lower buttocks hanging out of her bikini bottom, bending over while backed upped to a man's penis and giggling.

Miley gyrated "with that stupid foam finger"

I watched the VMA with my family and was surprised and disgusted to see … how Miley Cyrus was dressed yet alone her performance gyrating and sexual gestures with that stupid foam finger with Robin Thicke who is old enough to be her father. I thought I was watching child porn!

Miley gave Robin Thicke a slight erection "which can be easily noticed through his pants" 

The Miley Cyrus performance on the MTV 2013 Video music awards rubbing her genital area with a "foam" finger like those used at stadiums along with her grinding dance performance with singer Robin Thicke was vulgar and distasteful. Dressed in a "skimpy" latex bikini, she bent over to rub her buttocks against Robin Thicke's groin which caused him to have a slight erection which can be easily noticed through his pants.

Miley implied sexual acts "with bears and foam finger" 

Obscene, slutty, indecent implied sexual acts with bears and foam finger. "Twerk" seems to be the word, and should not be on during evening program, or limited to a subscription channel. (See the photo of Will Smith's family reaction.)

Miley had the "vast majority of her butt cheek hanging out of her bikini bottom" 


I am truly upset by the performance by Miley Cyrus and the attitude she has over the comments. Her gestures were rude, sexually explicit and should not have happened. Also, she has a vast majority of her butt cheek hanging out of her bikini bottom.

Miley put her face "in a fake butt" 

Miley Cirus was appallingly obscene. She started by bending over and shaking her butt. Than Shen bent over in front of singer for blurred lined like they were having sex dogy style, than she latterly felt him up touching his privates, she put her face in a fake butt.

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