Rush Limbaugh lies, says WIC program "not doing anybody any good"

Limbaugh, apparently, doesn't count close to 9 million women and children nationwide as "anybody"

By Katie McDonough

Published October 4, 2013 8:13PM (EDT)

Rush Limbaugh                                                               (Jeff Malet,
Rush Limbaugh (Jeff Malet,

Rush Limbaugh doesn't see why people are getting so worked up about the government shutdown. He really does not think it is a big deal. At all! 

During the Friday broadcast of his radio show, Limbaugh tried to express his annoyance over the public response to the shutdown by being all like, Who cares about the kids being kicked out of Head Start, domestic violence survivors being turned away from shelters and the women and children who can no longer rely on the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) nutrition program for basic necessities like healthy food, breastfeeding support and infant formula?

Limbaugh continued on his tirade to allege that WIC is "not doing anybody any good."

Apparently, Limbaugh doesn't consider 9 million women and children "anybody."

More from Forbes:

Over 8.9 million moms and kids under five living near or below the poverty line rely on the program’s supplemental vouchers for healthy food, breastfeeding support, infant formula and other necessities dispensed at clinics nationwide.

The USDA estimates that most states will be able to continue WIC operations as usual for “a week or so” before running out of money. The department’s Food and Nutrition Service has a contingency fund of only $125 million available for this $7 billion annual appropriation.

So far the situation is most dire in Arkansas and Utah, according to Rev. Douglas Greenaway, who heads up nonprofit advocacy group the National WIC Association. Utah’s WIC program, which already serves 65,000 moms and babies, has now stopped accepting new participants.

“There are health consequences when mothers cannot provide food and nutrition for their kids,” said Rev. Greenaway. “There’ll be no infant formula and no breastfeeding support. If the baby doesn’t latch, that’s it.”

You can listen to Limbaugh bloviate here:

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