NYT calls Chris Hayes a "Hollywood Diva"

Hayes responds: I wait a few days to read NYT's Stanley, so editors have time to issue necessary corrections

Published October 14, 2013 12:51PM (EDT)

Chris Hayes           (MSNBC)
Chris Hayes (MSNBC)

New York Times' T.V. critic Alessandra Stanley took a swipe at MSNBC on Sunday, writing on the network's latest talk show host hire, Alec Baldwin. Stanley took aim at the network's standing roster of hosts, pillorying Chris Hayes as a "Hollywood diva."

She wrote:

MSNBC hired a movie star, yet it’s the regular anchors like Martin Bashir and Chris Hayes who declaim like hyped-up Hollywood divas. Guests on these kinds of shows are not asked questions, they are held hostage to split-screen harangues.

Salon asked Hayes whether he had a response. Riffing on Stanley's much-publicized tendency to need her articles corrected (one story reviewing Walter Cronkite's career needed seven corrections issued), Hayes told Salon:

"As a matter of policy I always wait a few days before reading anything Alessandra Stanley writes so editors have time to issue the necessary 3-4 corrections. So I admit I've yet to read the piece."

By Natasha Lennard

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