Daisy and Melinda Coleman: More victims came forward

"What is it going to take for them to do something?," asks the mother of the Maryville, Mo., teen

Published October 15, 2013 4:04PM (EDT)


Daisy Coleman appeared on CNN's "Erin Burnett Out Front" on Monday night to share more about her alleged assault by a 17-year-old high school football player with powerful political connections, and the harassment from her peers she experienced after she reported the crime to the police.

Daisy's mother, Melinda, joined her during the segment, saying that her daughter's alleged rapist and his friends may have also assaulted other girls:

My concern was that some other girls came forward and told me that the same thing happened with this same group of boys. When I had talked to the Sheriff initially he told me that there had been girls who had come forward and that there had been maybe even 10 other girls that were also assaulted.

So later on he said that they were all liars; I digitally recorded him saying that they were all liars, and that they just wanted to crucify those poor innocent boys. So my concern is: what is going to take for them to do something here? Is one of these girls gonna to have to die? Are they going to end up freezing in their front yard before they do something?

The pair also responded to Nodaway County Sheriff Darren White's allegations that the charges were dropped because of their refusal to cooperate with the investigation, saying that they offered their full cooperation.

Both Daisy and Melinda expressed a desire to see the case reopened.



By Katie McDonough

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