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Ken Cuccinelli: It is "amazing" that God hasn't punished America for abortion

"Really, given that God does judge nations, it's amazing that abortion has run as far and foully as it has"

Katie McDonough
October 16, 2013 12:22AM (UTC)

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli holds very extreme opinions (and supports very extreme policies) on abortion and contraception. He wants to criminalize abortion outright, even in cases of rape or incest. He believes fertilized eggs have rights that supersede the rights of women and girls. He wants employers to be legally empowered to deny women basic health care. This is in no way an exhaustive list of the things that he is in favor of that would eliminate or greatly reduce women's access to reproductive health care.

So it comes as little surprise, then, that the Republican gubernatorial candidate also believes that it is "amazing" that God has not punished America for having laws that, at least nominally, ensure women can access abortion.


"Really, given that God does judge nations, it's amazing that abortion has run as far and foully as it has, without what I would consider to be a greater imposition of judgment on this country," Cuccinelli remarked last year at the Christian Life Summit. "Who knows what the future holds?"

You can watch the video of Cuccinelli's speech, unearthed by NBC12, here:

Katie McDonough

Katie McDonough is Salon's politics writer, focusing on gender, sexuality and reproductive justice. Follow her on Twitter @kmcdonovgh or email her at kmcdonough@salon.com.

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