Dating "expert" and app founder: "Women love presents like dogs love treats"

Women can't say no to bribes, "just as an unfriendly dog wouldn’t deny a tasty treat," says Brandon Wade

By Katie McDonough

Published October 18, 2013 4:46PM (EDT)

Brandon Wade  (Twitter)
Brandon Wade (Twitter)

Tired of being rejected by women who weren't immediately taken with his "nerdy smile and a sweet personality," self-described "serial Internet entrepreneur" and "nice guy" Brandon Wade decided to use bribery in order to get dates. Because women are a lot like unfriendly dogs.

"Women love presents like dogs love treats," Wade says of the inspiration behind his latest venture, the Carrot Dating app. "Just as an unfriendly dog wouldn’t deny a tasty treat, any beautiful girl can be bribed into giving you a first date.”

The app is pretty much a carbon copy of Wade's other pay-to-have-sex Internet ventures; his "seeking arrangements" website, "millionaire matchmaking" website and What's Your Price app all rely on the idea that men can entice women to go on dates and have sex by offering them money or goods and services.

Which is actually perfectly fine. We're all adults here, and women who sign up for these services do so, presumably, because they want to participate in such an arrangement.

That said, Wade is still a creep, a fact that becomes abundantly clear whenever he opens his mouth.

Here is Wade warning "aspiring sugar babies" not to fall in love with their sugar daddies just because they are, in general, "irresistibly good in bed":

Don't forget that as a sugar baby, part of what you offer is a drama-free, simple and fun experience whenever you are with your sugar daddy. One of the main reasons sugar daddies seek sugar babies is to find someone to help them take the stress away. Keep your emotional expectations in check. Don't slip into being emotionally dependent on your sugar daddy who isn't ready for a long-term commitment. Of course, this isn't always easy, especially if your sugar daddy slips up and drops the "L" (love) bomb on you after a night of one too many drinks or if he's just too irresistibly good in bed.

And here he is defending Rush Limbaugh after the conservative radio host called Sandra Fluke a slut and demanded to watch her have sex:

While I respect a healthy debate on any opposing issues or views, when an influential member of the media lashes out at his or her opponent with careless name calling, he or she has crossed the line by engaging in “bullying”.  I do not support bullying in the media, or anywhere else.  However, Rush Limbaugh did apologize to Sandra Fluke, and I believe his apologies were sincere.

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