Daily Caller: Feminist rage will destroy everything/everyone

Also: Critiques of structural inequality and systematic discrimination are just Daddy Issues

Published October 21, 2013 11:15PM (EDT)

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In August, Mark Judge made a really solid and convincing argument that President Obama is a woman and that women are very terrible. Because of his history of doing a great job of writing about women, the Daily Caller let him review "The Book of Jezebel," which is a book about women put out by the editors of popular feminist news site, Jezebel.

But Judge doesn't just review the book, he also exposes feminist critiques of structural inequalities and systematic discrimination as Daddy Issues.

"[Feminist rage] goes much deeper than politics, although in modern America politics is where this rage find its expression," Judge writes. "Thus the malevolence towards 'dead white males' and the liberal obsession with feelings and personal grievance. The bogus 'war on women' is really nothing but liberal women acting out against bad fathers."

Worse still, the father-sized wound that fuels feminist rage (which is "potentially fatal for the United States") is incurable because the "pain is beyond the reach of politics to solve."

Intrigued? Interested in trying to heal yourselves, feminists?

You can read the rest here.

By Katie McDonough

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