8 states pledge 3.3 million clean cars by 2025

The governors of New York and California have joined up with 6 others to push for zero-emissions vehicles

By Lindsay Abrams

Published October 24, 2013 8:34PM (EDT)

    (Igor Sokolov/Shutterstock)
(Igor Sokolov/Shutterstock)

Battery-powered cars, plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles: the presence of all zero-emissions vehicles on the road is about to multiply significantly in 8 U.S. states.

The agreement, signed by the governors of New York and California -- and also Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont -- calls for 3.3 million zero-emissions cars by 2025, up from the 165,000 currently on the road and 15 times the amount projected for 2015.

The key to getting there, they say, is to provide the infrastructure and incentives needed to get more people to adopt the clean cars that are already available. From Reuters:

The states will start by harmonizing building codes to make it easier to construct electric car charging stations and will consider financial incentives to promote zero-emission vehicles, according to the agreement, which was announced on Thursday in Sacramento.

They'll also consider giving favorable electricity rates for home charging systems, purchase clean cars for government fleets, and develop common standards for roadway signs and charging networks, according to the agreement.

"This is not just an agreement, but a serious and profoundly important commitment," said California Governor Jerry Brown.

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