Former NSA chief overheard giving secret press interviews on train

MoveOn's former D.C. director tweets that he's listening in to Michael Hayden on the Acela

Published October 24, 2013 8:50PM (EDT)

Former NSA chief Michael Hayden was reportedly giving background quotes to journalists on the Acela train, unknowingly overheard by the tweeting Tom Matzzie (former D.C. director of

Matzzie sent a series of tweets while eavesdropping on Hayden, who reportedly told reporters to refer to him solely as "senior admin official." Meanwhile the ex-spy chief -- apparently failing at his own anti-surveillance -- proceeded to bash the current administration and boast about black sites.

Some choice moments from Matzzie's feed:

[embedtweet id="393472010745286656"]

[embedtweet id="393472814575280128"]

[embedtweet id="393473500880846848"]

[embedtweet id="393474464958382080"]

[embedtweet id="393475504172724225"]

By Natasha Lennard

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