Must-see morning clip: America is spying on everybody. Why are you surprised?

"So look, world, you want an apology?" asked Stewart. "Fine. Sorry...that you forgot we are kind of dicks."

By Prachi Gupta

Published October 25, 2013 1:10PM (EDT)

With recent revelations that the NSA has been spying on not just American citizens, but also on other nations, including Germany and France, the rest of the world is understandably less than pleased with the American government.

"So you guys are all upset we're spying on you and drone striking you and you're really upset," levels "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart. "But I just have one question: Have you met us? Meddling in your affairs for our national self-interest is kind of our thing. What part of everything we've done since the Monroe Doctrine don't you get?"

"So look, world, you want an apology?" he asks, unemphatically. "Fine. Sorry...that you forgot we are kind of dicks."

Prachi Gupta

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