Kristen Schaal's "sexy vagina" costume available on eBay

The current price is $676

Published October 28, 2013 9:42PM (EDT)

Ladies, you can now stop being so coy about your sexiness, which will undoubtedly manifest itself as a sexy pirate nurse pizza for Halloween this year. One lucky lady, however, will get to parade around in Kristen Schaal's sexy vagina costume, which debuted in Schaal's hilarious "Daily Show" segment last week.

Jezebel noticed that the item is now up for auction on eBay; you have two days to outbid 25 people on a one-of-a-kind vagina that's "anatomically correct, but not to scale":

If you're looking for that perfect outfit that will really upset your dad, this is the one!

**Purchaser is required to tweet The Daily Show a photo of themselves wearing the costume on Halloween while eating a slice of pizza.


One size fits most.
Anatomically correct, but not to scale.
Slips on and off. Warm. Feels like home.
Pairs well with giant penis costume. Or another vagina costume - we don't judge.
Available only in pink.
Ample pockets for storing keys, phone, or all the phone numbers you're gonna get for looking super-sexy!
May be unsuitable for homes with children or animals.
Inspired by Georgia O'Keefe because, you know, vaginas ;-)
Includes Certificate of Authenticity from The Daily Show.
Includes optional pizza accessory.
DISCLAIMER: This is a one-of-a-kind, custom-made costume. Delicate. Handle with care. Not intended for frequent use or prolonged wear. Also, please don't try to screw it.

For anyone who missed the original sketch, here it is, below:

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