Louisiana GOPer implies Sen. Mary Landrieu would have supported slavery

Tea Party-supported Rob Maness also claims Landrieu would have opposed women's rights

By Elias Isquith

Published November 5, 2013 7:10PM (EST)

Rob Maness, a Tea Party-backed candidate who is seeking to be the Louisiana GOP's nominee for the U.S. Senate, recently implied that incumbent Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu would have supported slavery — and opposed women's rights — were she alive during the late 18th century, according to a report from ThinkProgress.

Speaking in front of a conservative audience, Maness implicitly argued that Landrieu's reference to other senators' "obnoxious" behavior meant that the Louisiana senator considered all unpopular opinions to be similarly distasteful.

From that logical leap of faith, Maness took another, next arguing that Landrieu would not approve of his family dog being named after former First Lady Abigail Adams, because Adams held some opinions that were unpopular at the time — chiefly, opposition to slavery and support for women's rights.

"We’ve got a dog named Lady Abigal named after the outspoken first lady Abigail Adams," Maness said. "Senator Landrieu might have called Mrs. Adams 'obnoxious,' especially since she was opposed to slavery and favored women’s rights when both were very unpopular ideas."

Watch Maness's comments below, via ThinkProgress:

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