Dan Rather wants CBS to investigate botched "60 Minutes" Benghazi report

The former "60 Minutes" anchor says that it would be unfair to blame only Lara Logan for the mistake

By Prachi Gupta

Published November 14, 2013 8:45PM (EST)

Former "60 Minutes" anchor and ardent "Newsroom" fan Dan Rather has broken his silence on the news program's controversial Benghazi report, which "60 Minutes" retracted after several journalists exposed that the story from "eyewitness" Dylan Davies was false.

Rather, who in 2004 resigned from CBS News after it was discovered that documents he presented about former President George W. Bush were fake, said that CBS needs to take responsibility for the botch-up. Speaking on Joe Madison's radio show "The Black Eagle," Rather said that, “There is a tendency when these kind of things happen to blame the correspondent whose voice and face was on the story, but whatever happened and however it happened, people in the corporate hierarchy of CBS News and leaders of the news division share at least as much of whatever blame there is to be as the correspondent, but they try to make it appear their fingerprints aren’t on it."

Rather was quick to explain that Lara Logan's report on Benghazi was not similar to the 2004 incident, however, "I just know this, that No. One, I'm always pulling for CBS News, and I hope they'll be transparent, look into this and tell what they know and try to move on from it. No. Two, there is a difference between this and the trouble I got into at CBS News. We got into trouble -- that is I and the other reporters -- because we reported a true story...the difficulty with this Benghazi story, that they now acknowledge, the story was not true and they stood by it for a long time."

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