Must-see morning clip: Rob Ford botches more apologies on SNL

The Toronto mayor then finds the one show that will still believe anything he says

By Lindsay Abrams

Published November 17, 2013 12:48PM (EST)

  (Screenshot, SNL)
(Screenshot, SNL)

Saturday Night Live this week turned its cold open to Canadian politics (complete, of course, with truly horrendous Canadian accents) for a send-up of crack-smoking Toronto mayor Mayor Rob Ford, ramping up the ridiculousness in a scandal that's already become a parody of itself.

In a series of disastrous press conferences, Bobby Moynihan as Ford repeatedly tries and fails to apologize for his behavior. Ford's trademark expletive-laced rants and and wild gesticulation culminate in a behind-the-podium drug deal ("Whoa! That's a lot of crack!"). When the Canadian press stops buying it, the discredited mayor manages to find a sympathetic ear in 60 Minutes' Lara Logan (Kate McKinnon) -- who's more than willing to believe that he's never done crack, smoked weed or even used alcohol:

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