Charles Payne: Men on Social Security Disability are "eunuchs"

The right-wing pundit also claimed that Obama intended to spark an American "Arab Spring sort of thing"

Published November 21, 2013 10:10PM (EST)

Charles Payne      (C-Span)
Charles Payne (C-Span)

Speaking before a conservative audience, Fox Business pundit Charles Payne claimed recently that President Obama's plan to intentionally spark an "Arab Spring sort of thing" has failed because Social Security Disability benefits have turned young men nationwide into "modern-day eunuchs."

After claiming that Obama had "succeeded in creating the kind of climate that is an economic and rhetorical tinderbox," Payne argued that the president's intended goal of sparking an American version of the Arab Spring — "where youth physically went out there and revolted against everything that had been American pillars" — failed due to Social Security Disability benefits.

"Well, it's backfired big time, because this tinderbox has a limp wicket," Payne said. "The White House is laying it on too thick. Consequently, that army of would-be rioters, well, they're kinda chilling out, waiting for their next Xbox. They figured out how to game the system or they’re just going to sit in their parents’ basement, brooding.”

Payne then went on to describe how he thinks about this "lost" generation of Americans. He claimed to have "broken them down into three categories: eunuchs, malcontents and the withdrawn.”

Why eunuchs? Because these victims of Obama had been "castrated at the soul."

Watch Payne's remarks below, via the Raw Story:

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