Hollywood insider Nikki Finke mocked for insensitive Nelson Mandela tweet

The journalist used the icon's death to promote a movie. The Internet responded by creating a hilarious hashtag

Published December 6, 2013 3:09PM (EST)

Nikki Finke, the veteran Hollywood blogger who recently left her own start-up, Deadline.com, to go solo, is now the object of the Internet's ridicule after she went the Kenneth Cole route and used Nelson Mandela's death as a way to promote a movie:

[embedtweet id="408715420883886080"]

The insensitive tweet soon went viral, and Finke now faces the Internet's wrath in the form of #FinkeObits, started by writer and director Beth Schacter:

[embedtweet id="408969146722811904"]

[embedtweet id="408741509056704513"]

[embedtweet id="408731414213832704"]

[embedtweet id="408738116434800641"]

[embedtweet id="408813737542307840"]

[embedtweet id="408740641468719104"]

[embedtweet id="408980426288791552"]

[embedtweet id="408722914398048256"]

[embedtweet id="408737430435794945"]

[embedtweet id="408727770047324160"]

Finke, meanwhile, remains oblivious to the criticism:

[embedtweet id="408728196364791808"]

As expected, the Internet had the last laugh:

[embedtweet id="408737327029039104"]

By Prachi Gupta

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