Ted Yoho to host a gun training event on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre

Yoho's spokesman says the problematic timing of the event was not intentional

Published December 9, 2013 5:30PM (EST)

Ted Yoho         (Reuters/Joshua Roberts)
Ted Yoho (Reuters/Joshua Roberts)

Republican Rep. Ted Yoho will host a gun training event on December 14, the anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre, according to a report in the Gainesville Sun.

The event was first announced through Yoho's Facebook page. The Facebook invitation asks Yoho's followers to "Please bring your family and kids for an educational event on gun safety, purchasing firearms, legal requirements and safety standards while encouraging responsible firearm ownership."

Yoho's spokesperson, Omar Raschid, told the Sun the event was not intended to coincide with the anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre. In a statement, Raschid said, "The Congressman's prayers will certainly be with the victims and families of such an unspeakable tragedy. This event focuses on responsible firearm ownership and safety. Safety education is an integral part of responsible firearm ownership, and that is what the goal of this event is."

Yoho will be at the event, according to Raschid, to make opening remarks and answer questions.

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