Must-see morning clip: Guy Fieri hosts the Christmas special of your nightmares

"Saturday Night Live" imagines what Fieri, Kid Rock and the guys from "Pawn Stars" are up to for the holidays

Published December 15, 2013 2:49PM (EST)


A really good Christmas special is the kind of thing you can watch again and again each holiday season. (Think Bing Crosby and David Bowie, Stephen Colbert and Elvis Costello, the Muppets and all of the other Muppets.) Well, it's a new year and now we can add Guy Fieri and Kid Rock to the list of television family favorites.

Or not, since it is a fake special that is also terrifying. "Saturday Night Live" brings together Fieri (Bobby Moynihan is always excellent as the spiky haired Food Network host), the Mitt Romney- and fedora-loving Robert James Ritchie, goth magician Criss Angel and a gaggle of other television personalities who would scare your grandmother for some holiday cheer. (And some bean dip.)

The sketch is NSFH (not suitable for humanity), and at the very least NSFW (or children who may be in the room with you):

By Katie McDonough

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