Shia LaBeouf gets in Twitter fight with Lena Dunham and Patton Oswalt

The celebrities called the actor out for plagiarism UPDATED

Published January 5, 2014 5:55PM (EST)

When he's not busy plagiarizing or acting, actor Shia LaBeouf can be found engaging in Twitter feuds (also likely multi-tasking with some plagiarism) with both actress Lena Dunham and comedian Patton Oswalt, who recently called him out for his bad habit.

LaBeouf, no stranger to the creative art of copying others' creative art, most recently embarrassed himself by lifting the work of "Ghost World" cartoonist Daniel Clowes. LaBeouf apologized to Clowes on Twitter and also via a skywritten note, because apparently he is also a home-operated Internet business -- or, according to Lena Dunham, a sociopath:

[embedtweet id="419477031672635392"]

Because Shia LaBeouf is Shia LaBeouf, he responded to the subtweet by copying an apology Dunham wrote in 2012 for an offensive joke she told:

[embedtweet id="419481033290293248"]

[embedtweet id="419482734890090496"]

It's unclear whether LaBeouf's response was self-parody in poor taste or just business as usual. Dunham seems to have interpreted it as the latter, and then went for the obligatory "Even Stevens" joke:

[embedtweet id="419496770729938944"]

[embedtweet id="419499717702463489"]

This Twitter feud, along with a glorious attack from Oswalt -- a victim of plagiarism himself:

[embedtweet id="418774517373091841"]

[embedtweet id="418906720875073537"]

[embedtweet id="418810272065654784"]

[embedtweet id="419763434537119744"]

UPDATED: LaBeouf responded by copying an old Oswalt tweet, then later deleted it, announcing and then retracting a temporary leave from Twitter. (An earlier version of this article took LaBeouf's tweet at face value, and has since been corrected):

[embedtweet id="368844610396639232"]

His most recent trolly tweet says "#KONY2012."

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