You can now remove the word "millennial" from everything you read on the Internet

And replace it with "Pesky young whipper-snapper"

Published January 6, 2014 5:15PM (EST)

    (<a href=''>Pablo Rogat</a> via <a href=''>Shutterstock</a>)
(Pablo Rogat via Shutterstock)

Regardless of what you think about millennials -- those selfish young people always connected to their Internets on their smartphones and Twitters -- we can probably all agree that the term "millennial" is an annoying and overused buzzword that needs to go away forever.

And now, it can. Zeke Weeks' new Chrome browser app called "Millennials Begone!" replaces the buzzword with the archaic (but far more descriptive) phrase "pesky whipper-snappers," turning those eye-roll-inducing trend pieces to something mildly amusing:

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