Mark Wahlberg confirms "Entourage" movie

The original cast is on board and will be shooting scenes this month

Published January 8, 2014 2:53PM (EST)

Mark Wahlberg, returning to "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" 21 years after his first appearance on the program with his former rap group, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, confirmed last night that the highly anticipated "Entourage" movie is officially moving forward.

Plans to adapt the long-running HBO show into a movie have existed since 2011, but Wahlberg, who executive produced the series along with Stephen Levinson, was waiting for everyone in the original cast to sign on. As of August, series writer Doug Ellin said on Twitter that getting the original cast together "ain't easy" and in October, the New York Post's Page Six reported that Adrian Grenier, who played the show's main character Vincent Chase, and Jerry Ferrara (Turtle) weren't yet on board.

But after "clawing and scratching and trying to convince everybody to do it," Wahlberg told Leno, "everybody finally agreed that it was the best thing."

"We're going to shoot a couple of days this month and come back in April and finish the movie and hopefully it will be ready for the fall," he added.

Although the series is based on Wahlberg and his group of friends, Wahlberg admitted that he hasn't been asked to appear in the film. "They haven't asked me yet," he told Leno. "If they ask me to, I will, but if not, no pressure. I'm just really excited that the guys are coming back."

And indeed, they are:

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