Must-see morning clip: Looking for time travelers in cyberspace

Michigan Tech researchers scoured the Internet for evidence of time travelers, but found nothing

Published January 8, 2014 2:24PM (EST)

Because everyone knows that scientists are rich thousandaires researching vacationing in the Arctic, they've got tons of money to spend on whatever they want to. According to Stephen Colbert, this seems to be the case at Michigan Tech, where physicists are studying the Internet to find evidence of time travel.

A sample search includes scouring Twitter for mention of Pope Francis before he was selected to be the pontiff.

"That seems logical," joked Colbert. "If you're an advanced civilization from the future that has finally unraveled the mysteries of space-time, first order of business is to blow your cover with #PopeFrancis."

Sadly, the research did not uncover any time travelers.

"Somehow," said Colbert, "I know that in the future these guys won't be receiving any more research grants."

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