California Republican Tim Donnelly releases one of the strangest ads ever

A Tea Party candidate's ad for his gubernatorial campaign must be seen to be believed

Published January 16, 2014 10:25PM (EST)

   (<a href="">Screen Shot, Tim Donnelly "The People United"</a>)
(Screen Shot, Tim Donnelly "The People United")

California Republican Assemblyman Tim Donnelly almost certainly won't succeed in his quest to become the Golden State's governor, but give him this much: He's made what'll probably be the most bizarre political ad of the 2014 cycle.

Donnelly's three-minute Web ad, titled "The People United," is strange in a few ways. For one thing, Donnelly apparently decided that the best way to win back California's Latino community — whom he has no doubt thoroughly alienated with his Minuteman vigilantism — is to have Cuban-born actress and singer María Conchita Alonso join him in the ad, translating (and sometimes reinterpreting) whatever he says into Spanish. This leads to a few weird moments, like when Alonso challenges Donnelly's contention that his wife is the sexiest woman in California, or when she implies that he has big testicles — "big ones," as she puts it.

The next most puzzling aspect of the ad is the incoherent smorgasbord of policies Donnelly says he'll push if he becomes governor. Donnelly's promise to put “a gun in every Californian’s gun safe" is to be expected from a Tea Party-backed politician; but what's with his argument that McDonald's workers in the state should get $20 per hour because "we're Californians"? Raising the minimum wage (assuming that's what Donnelly means) isn't exactly the best way to keep government "out of our businesses," as Donnelly demands.

In any event, Donnelly's ad leaves the viewer with more than a little to chew on — and, quite likely, a deep, and abiding relief that this strange man will never find himself sitting in the governor's chair.

Watch the whole thing below:

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By Elias Isquith

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